Compact drum crusher

What is a compact drum crusher?

Our drum crusher or drum compactor is driven by hydraulic system with power source of electricity or diesel. The hydraulic ram will be fully automatically pressed down and upward. It can crush small drums like 20 liters and biggest up to 220 liters. For better servicing life, please remember to change the hydraulic oil annually.

Benefits of steel drum compactor machine

There are lots of companies and plants need a drum crusher. For example, the roading and signage companies which are generating numerous oil drum every day. The easiest and profitable ways is to crush the steel drum into a very low height items, and sell them to save the transportation cost. Before crushing, normally our clients are dry out these drums and crush them in one time like 500 pcs. If you are looking for a steel drums solution, welcome to contact us at any time.

Which sizes of the steel drums can be compacted?

For example, the 30 gal paint drums, 55gal steel drums, 58 gallon oil drums etc., all can be compacted into 10cm in height. Check the working video of our drum crushers in below video.

Are you manufacturer of drum compactor machine in China?

Yes, we offer the competitive prices for drum compactors with the highest quality in China. Our steel drum compactors are very powerful yet easy to use. Besides manual book, we also have operational demo video to show you how to use this drum compressing machine.

View below video of our drum crusher to compact 200 liters steel drum