Clothing 10kg baler machine

What is clothing 10kg baler machine?

Obviously, it is a baler machine which can press bulky material into a fixed bale. This one is also popular as horizontal bagging machine, baling and packaging machine. The baler can combine the baling and bagging functions in one machine. This series of baler is widely used in wiper manufacturing plant, rag recycling factory, etc.

Information of scale clothes press machine

Scale weighing bagging machine is good for pressing rags, clothing, textile, sawdust and other loose recycling materials. Meanwhile, this machine equipped with in-built scale, it can help you to control the bale weight which designed to pack the bale into a fixed weight. This is an electric bagging machine. Once pressing the start button, the press cylinder will go ahead and eject cylinder will push the pressed bale out into a plastic bag.

How to operate the horizontal bagging machine?

Our factory SKBALER has many experiences in producing the 10kg baler. The bagging machine we supplied is with high quality and as it is automatic, it’s quite simple to operate. This baling system combine material feeding, compressing ejecting and bagging in an automatic process. It is greatly reducing your labor cost and storage space. In addition, we provide custom-made solution based on customer’s requirement. So, please contact SKBALER today.