Closed end baler in China

What is closed end baler?

Closed end baler is also popular as semi-automatic baler machine which is ideal for business that produce large volumes of recyclables, requiring large hoppers and need to load by some other automated method rather than by hand. Whether common materials or hard products, closed-end baler in China is the best solution because of its full stroke ram as well as reasonable price.

Closed end baling machine in China

SKBALER is a Chinese brand baling machine supplier who has a good reputation in the baling industry. By using a suitable China made closed end baling machine, your recycling business becomes much easier because it can compress the bulky materials into high dense bales for lower cost transport. The continuous automated baling process can greatly improve your work efficiency. Meanwhile, the manual tying system will save a lot of capital expenditure. All the closed end baling machines in SKBALER have at least one year of guarantee period and technical support for the whole life.

Features of closed end baler machine

Closed end baler machine in SKBALER is capable of handling huge quantity up to 4 tph depending on the materials. It is ideal for pressing PET bottles, car bumpers, hard plastics, aluminum cans, nonferrous as well as the common wastes because it can output much higher density bale as there is a door at output. Moreover, the bale length can be adjusted according to your individual requirement. The heavy and robust machine structure can greatly extend its service life. If you want to know more about our closed end baler machine, welcome to contact us today.