Carton box baler

What is a carton box baler?

To pack cardboard box into dense bales, we normally use a carton box baler or cardboard box baling machine. For easy movement with small bale size and weight, we suggest to buy small manual carton baler, which also known as vertical carton compactor. For high capacity, we suggest horizontal carton box press machine, which can process up to 15 tph.

Benefits of carton box compactors

By compacting the wasted carton boxes, we can save the working space as well as to increase the selling profits. The scattered carton box not only take up huge spaces also make the working environment dirty.

Where to buy high quality cardboard box baling machine?

At SKBALER China, we have manual and automatic cartons baler machine available for compacting various volume wastes. The vertical carton box baler can press materials like 150kg, 300kg, 600kg etc., with hourly output 2-4 bales. The horizontal cardboard box baling machine can press up to 1300kg bale weight per bundle with hourly capacity 15tons.

Working video of carton box baling machine