Carton baling press machine

What is carton baling press machine?

Carton is widely used in our daily life. It is a box or container usually made of cardboard which widely known as corrugated cardboard. As the cartons are valuable materials. So, how to recycle these waste cartons are very important. It not only protects the environment, but also make profit. Hence, a carton baling press machine is helpful. By using a compressing baler, it can reduce the volume, and save costs in storage as well as transportation.

Manufacturer of carton press compactor

SKBALER is a professional plant in supplying the balers in China. As the cartons are easy to compressed, most of the baling machine can deal with them. And which baler do you choose depends on your volume. SKBAER has over 100 models of vertical balers and horizontal baling press for your choice. For cartons, if you are start-ups, a small vertical press compactor is ideal for you which require small footprint with lower price. However, if you are a recycling factory or have large amount of waste cartons per day, probably a horizontal baling press is perfect for you which is more efficient. Also, hydraulic pressure is very important, higher hydraulic pressure makes higher density bales which give you another way to save transportation freight because a container can fill more high-density bales than lower dense bales.

Which carton compacting press do you recommend?

If the labor cost is not an issue in your region, you can take the vertical or manual baling press in consideration. However, the labor cost is high in your area, the fully automatic horizontal carton compacting press is definitely great if you have large numbers of waste cartons every day. Meanwhile, all our baling machines can be customized according to your specific requirements. Welcome to contact SKBALER, we will discuss with you and recommend the perfect baling press for you.