Carpet and padding recycling baler machine

What is carpet and padding recycling baler machine?

Carpet and padding recycling baler machine is a big sized machinery which provides a cost effective and practical solution for carpet and padding scrap handling. The large hopper can be adapted to belt conveyor for automatic feeding. It has the ability to compress more carpet and padding material into each bale and the high-density bale can maximize storage, and shipping efficiency while reducing handling costs. The high-pressure power baler machine can make much more profit from recycled carpet and padding as well as has a quick return on investment.

Which model of carpet and padding recycling baler do you recommend?

SKBALER is a professional baler machinery manufacturer company who is dedicated to designing and developing the high technology baler machine in China. Carpet and padding materials are always in large size which makes you cannot dispose them easily. Hence, I recommend auto-tie type baler which can compress materials into much more density bales for easier transportation and handling. Meanwhile, you can operate the unit with minimal labor as well as maximum performance.

How to operate carpet and padding recycling baling machine?

Carpet and padding recycling baling machine in SKBALER refers to auto-tie baler which is a fully automatic equipment. The whole process from feeding to ejecting can be done automatically after you press the button. It is very simple and efficient. If you are looking for a durable baler machine to handle carpet and padding materials in large amount, SKBALER in China is your best solution.