Cardboard waste compactor in China

What is cardboard waste compactor?

Cardboard waste compactor is also popular as cardboard baling machine which is used for compacting cardboard wastes into dense bales for easy handling. As you know that cardboard has a wide application in our daily life that leads a large number of cardboard wastes generated. It is too difficult to dispose the bulky cardboard waste by labor. Hence, a cardboard waste compactor is necessary, with its help, you can compact the cardboard wastes into high density bales which helps you easily deliver them to another place and save storage costs as well.

Cardboard waste baling machine in China

SKBALER is a Chinese brand of cardboard waste balers manufacturer who always take quality as our priority and achieve good feedbacks from consumers. Our factory has various cardboard waste baling machine in our product line. From mini baler to auto-tie balers, and which model do you choose mainly depends on your volumes and budget. A vertical cardboard baling machine is suitable If you are start-ups as it requires low price and small footprint. However, if you have tons of cardboard wastes to bale each day, I recommend you the horizontal cardboard waste compactor as this type of baler can comes with a conveyor for large volume waste feeding which can greatly reduce the waste amount.

How to operate cardboard waste press machine?

SKBALER cardboard waste press machine is built up with the highest quality standards. After compaction, it saves your space room significantly and all the cardboard waste press machine are quite simple to operate. For vertical baler, you need to feed the materials in chamber and press the button, then you can get the compacted bales. And it’s much easier for the auto-tie balers, you only need to press the start button and the baler will do the whole process automatically. If you have any questions about cardboard waste press machine, welcome to contact SKBALER and we will recommend the most suitable press machine for your recycling.