Cardboard crusher for sale

What is cardboard crusher?

Cardboard crusher is also popular as cardboard baling machine, cardboard baler. It is one of the most popular balers in the market. Nowadays, cardboard recycling has mature markets in the global countries. From waste cardboard collection to new products, many people and plants are involving in it. Cardboard is widely used in our daily life, and a large number of waste cardboards generated every day. Recycling cardboards definitely can make profit for each step of the process. For the recycling plants, a cardboard crusher is helpful which can help them to handle the bulk cardboards in an efficient way. By using the cardboard crusher, you can greatly save costs in storage and transportation.

Cardboard press machine for sale

SKBALER is a professional baler machine supplier in Chinese baling industry. As a reputable factory, the components of our press machine adopt the top brands. For cardboard, SKBALER has several carboard baler machine for your consideration. All of them are suitable for baling cardboards, just depends on your cardboard volume, financial budget and spaces. Horizontal baler is a perfect machine to compress the bulky materials into high density bales continuously. It is a necessary size reduction machine for recycling plants. However, if you are start-ups, a small vertical baling machine is the right way to go as it has lower price and requires little spaces compared to the horizontal baler.

Which countries have you exported?

SKBALER has over 100 models of baler machines for your choice. Our baling machines have exported to America, Europe, Oceania, Middle East, South Africa and Asia countries, etc., serving the recycling sites, manufacturing plants, warehouse/distribution facilities, stores, supermarket, and hotels. So, if you are in the business of recycling, please don’t hesitate to contact us, our sales will assist you and recommend the most suitable compactor for you.