Cardboard core baling machine

What is cardboard core baling machine?

Cardboard core is cylindrical paper products used in a wide range of industrial and commercial applications which is made from wood pulp fiber. Cardboard cores are one of the most popular recycling materials because of its durable and eco-friendly nature. Once the material is used up, the core was mainly sent straight to a landfill in the past. Nowadays, with the development of recycling technology, more and more people start their cardboard core recycling business and a cardboard core baling machine is greatly helpful in processing of bulky cardboard cores.

Benefit of cardboard core balers

Normally, cardboard core is hollow and lots of them really take you many valuable spaces. Without a baling machine, it is impossible to dispose them. SKBALER is an innovative and dynamic baler machines manufacturer who has been working on baling industry for many years. Our cardboard core baler is the most popular baler in the market which can reduce the volume of cardboard core a lot because of its high hydraulic pressure. You can easily deliver this compacted bale to another place and decrease the natural resources loss as well.

How to operate cardboard core baler machine?

As a reputable baling machine manufacturer in Chinese baling industry, our cardboard core baler machine adopts the top brands and in one button operation as well as reasonable price. It is quite easy to operate and one or two people is enough. And what you only need to do is press the start button and then you can achieve small bales for ease of handling. If you have any interests in cardboard core recycling, please feel free to contact us today.