Cardboard compactor for carton

What is cardboard compactor?

Cardboard compactor is also popular as cardboard baling press machine. It is a compressing machine to make bales for different kinds of cardboard waste. As you know, waste cardboards occupy you too many spaces. Hence, a cardboard compactor designed which can help you to compact these waste materials. Different volumes match different type of cardboard baler.
Our factory SKBALER has vertical hydraulic cardboard baling machine and horizontal cardboard balers, both of them are very popular in the market.

How to choose cardboard baling machine?

Whatever the vertical or the horizontal compactor, our factory aims to minimize your waste volumes. If you just start the business of recycling cardboard, the vertical baling machine is efficient solution for you with the lowest investment. This series of baler can produce bale weight up to 1500kgs per hour. However, if your plant has a large volume exceed 2tons per hour. Our horizontal auto tie baler is your best choice which can process up to 15ton/h with bale weight up to 1300kg per bundle.

Benefit of cardboard compactor for carton.

Cardboard compactor for carton plays a very important role in the recycling industry. It will help the recyclers reduce the storage space and transportation costs. As we know that, cartons are widely used in our daily life. As cartons are made from trees. So, for the forest, for our world, we must act to protect the environment. Thus, a carton baling machine is necessary. It can help you to press the cartons into dense bales for easy handle which can create us a better living environment. To know more about cardboard compactor for cartons. Welcome to contact SKBALER for your pressing solution.