Cardboard baler press

What is cardboard baler press?

Cardboard baler press also known as cardboard baler machine which is designed to compress cardboard boxes or other bulk paper-based materials. Suppose you throw away a full 26ft truck load of trash, most of them are the cardboard of the furniture packaging. That is indeed waste natural resource and affect the appearance of our living planet. Lucking, a cardboard baler press can solve this big problem which can compress large quantity and sized of cardboard into a much smaller, more manageable sized bundles or bales.

Which model of cardboard baling machine do you recommend?

SKBALER is a Chinese brand baler machine factory who specialize in designing and manufacturing cardboard baling machine for decades. Our vertical baler model VLD1576T60 designed with lifting door as well as wide feed opening is easy for feeding and saving space makes it is ideal for pressing big sized cartons. This large size cardboard baling machine adopts standard bale size 1500*760mm with 60ton hydraulic power which can get bale weight up to 600kg. By using this type of cardboard baler, it can greatly improve efficiency in cardboard recycling and waste handling.

How does cardboard baler machine work?

The top of the cardboard baler machine should be securely closed then to activate the switch. The downward moving ram begins its motion to compress, when the ram stops its motion, the baler machine should be turned off and the door opened to get the compacted cardboard. Moreover, this type of baler is a manual machine, you should tie the compacted bale by labor. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us immediately.