Cardboard bailers

What are cardboard bailers?

Cardboard bailer has another name cardboard baling machine. It is a bailer to compress the waste cardboard into dense bales. As you know that each year large numbers of waste cardboards generated, and they are hollow and bulky materials which occupy a lot of space. Hence, using cardboard bailers can greatly reduce the volumes. There are vertical and horizontal cardboard bailers, both of them can handle cardboards. And which one do you choose mainly depends on your baling scale. Cardboard bailer is one of the most popular baling machines in the market.

Cardboard bailers for sale.

SKBALER is a Chinese brand of cardboard baler manufacturer. Our factory has over 100 models of balers, and the bailers have export to America, Europe, Oceania, Middle East, South Africa and other countries. Before choosing a bailer, you should know the amount of the cardboards. If the amount is above 15tons, a horizontal cardboard bailer is the right way to go. However, if you have small space or the volume is less than 5tons, you can go with a vertical baling press.

Why we need to recycle the cardboard?

Cardboard is everywhere in our life no matter it is small or big one. If you just throw it away, it will affect the appearance of our city. Recycle them not only reduce the natural resources loss but also protect the environment. Hence, if you are in the business of recycling cardboard wastes, cardboard bailers are the ideal machines for you. Meanwhile, our compactors can be custom-made based on your requirements. Welcome to contact SKBALER for your cardboard pressing solution.