Brand new baling press machine

What is brand new baling press machine?

A brand new baling press machine is the unit that has never been used before which is very popular in the recycling industry and it is used to compress and bundle the bulky materials when they generated. By using a suitable baler, you can save costs in storage, transportation, landfill taxes and improve work efficiency as well. There are brand new baling press machines, second-hand baling machines in the market, even you can rent a baler. However, a brand-new baling press machine is strongly recommended if your financial budget is allowed and baling requirements is not for short-term needs.

Benefit of brand-new baler machine

SKBALER is a baler supplier with rich experience in baler manufacturing which provide professional sales and service. All the components of our balers adopt the top brand, such as the steel of machine body structure uses brand Bao Steel in China. A brand new baler machine in SKBALER has at least one year of guarantee period and technical support for the whole life, but the second-hand baler machine normally is not supported. Moreover, a brand-new baler can overcome some problems while the second-hand baler exists as the baler suppliers always keep improving the quality and technology of their latest baling machine.

Manufacturer of brand new compactor

SKBALER offers a wide range of baling machine for your recycling purpose. Our balers have exported to America, Europe, Oceania, Middle East, South Africa and other countries which gained good feedbacks. With the help of our brand new press machine, it makes you more conveniently to do the business of recycling and some type of our brand-new compactors has remote technical support function which makes your maintenance much easier. If you have any questions, please contact SKBALER and we will recommend you the most suitable baling press machine for your recycling.