Beverage carton recycling

What is beverage carton?

The drinks in our daily life normally have four ways of package, one is the plastic bottles, one is aluminum cans, one is the glass bottles, and the last is the carton boxes. But differ to the usual carton boxes used in logistic, the beverage cartons obviously have some special treatment for liquid containing. According to the survey, the beverage cartons have seventy percent of cardboard and 30 percent of plastic. The cardboards provide the rigid, and the intervention of the plastic layer on the both sides make sure the liquid won’t leak from the beverage carton box.

How to recycle the beverage carton?

Due to the different component of the beverage of the cardboards, the recycling process will have some distinguishes. On the very first of the beverage carton recycling, you need to collect enough waste beverage carton boxes. Secondly, you need to sort these waste beverage cartons, only the dry and clean (not be affected with oil and water) can be recycled by the beverage carton baler machines. Thirdly, after all the aforementioned steps finished, baling these beverage cartons with your beverage carton balers or send these waste beverage cartons to the recycling center which has the professional beverage carton recycling compactors.

The beverage carton recycling baler in SKBALER

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