Baling machine for used clothes

Instruction of baler machine for used clothing

The garment factory will generate a large number of leftover materials, if you don’t handle them, the leftovers will stack up like a small hill. So, how to deal with them is quite necessary. The lifting chamber baler machine our factory SKBALER offered can achieve bale weight up to 250 kgs with a compress force up to 50 tons, the clothing baler can output 2-5 bales per hour depending on labor efficiency. Meanwhile, bale size is 1100*700mm after the textile baler compacting, the bale can be strapped vertically and horizontally as well.

Benefit of the lifting chamber baler machine

The second-hand clothing machine our factory SKBALER supplied is controlled by hydraulic system. It’s a highly efficient recycling machine which can pack the bulky goods and other loose materials. In additional, the baler equipped with electric button control, make it quite simple to operate. The whole process can be fully finished in less than 32 seconds. The most important benefit is that can greatly decrease storage space as well as labor costs.

How to operate clothing baler?

The SKBALER baler is quite easy to process. As it is an automatic clothing baler, you only need to feed the material into the chamber, then press the start button, the press plate will compact. You can also adjust the bale height for getting various bale size and weight. For more information, please feel free to contact our company SKBALER.