Baling machine for baling LDPE

What is baling machine for baling LDPE

LDPE is an acronym for low density polyethylene which is used in film applications because of its tough, flexible and relatively transparent features. LDPE can also be used to produce some flexible bottles and in cable applications. Like all other types of plastics, LDPE should spend hundreds of years to decompose in the landfill. So, the best way to deal with them is to recycle and reuse these used LDPE for producing new products, like garbage can liners, floor tile, paneling, furniture, trashcans, etc. And a suitable baling machine for baling LDPE is greatly helpful which makes you easier to handle them.

Which model of baler machine for baling LDPE do you recommend?

SKBALER is a Chinese brand baler machine factory who specialize in designing and manufacturing LDPE balers for decades. Our plant has several types of baler machines for baling LDPE for your option and which model is ideal for you mainly depends on your volumes. Vertical baler is with smaller size and lower budget which is suitable for the plant who has small or medium amount of LDPE to bale each day while the horizontal version is good solution for the recycling center who has large quantities and this type of baler machine comes with conveyor for large volumes feeding which can greatly improve work efficiency.

Advantage of recycling used LDPE

Recycle used LDPE instead of dumped them into landfill can save fast-depleting landfill space and reduces pollution across ecosystems. It is more cost efficient to reuse LDPE or produce a product from recycled LDPE and it also decrease the resources loss as well as create more jobs. Hence, if you have any baling needs of LDPE film or plastics, please feel free to contact SKBALER, sales will give you the most suitable baling solution.