Baling cardboard 10 tons per month

Which model is suggested when baling cardboard 10 tons per month?

When baling cardboard 10 tons in a month, our vertical cardboard baler VLD8060T20 is recommended which designed with lifting door. This type of baling equipment consists of hydraulic system, electrical control as well as manual binding which makes it becomes one of the most popular down stroke baler machines in the market.

Advantage of small cardboard baling machine VLD8060T20

VLD8060T20 in SKBALER combines user friendliness, reliability, and competitive price. Special design of the machine as well as the wide feed opening makes it is much easier and efficiency for materials feeding and save space as well. Moreover, this type of baler equips with screen display with button controls as well as safety interlock for much easier, safety operation. Meanwhile, you can get required size and weight by adjusting the bale height.

Who need cardboard baler VLD8060T20?

It is widely used in the baling industry, especially for the start-ups as well as the users who have small number of wastes to bale each day. Specifically, the retailer, grocery store, department store, government facility, drug store, school, university, college, hotels etc., will need a small cardboard baling machine model VLD8060T20. If you have any cardboard baling demands, please feel free to contact SKBALER in China.