Baler to bale sawdust

sawdust baler machine
What is a sawdust package machine?

Sawdust baler is a recycling machine to pack loose agricultural products like sawdust, wood chips and shavings into a plastic bag. For various markets, customer may prefer to a 10kg sawdust baler, 20kg sawdust baling machine or 50kg sawdust packing machine. SKBALER manufactures horizontal sawdust balers with different bale weights. The general hydraulic power is from 90Ton to 270Ton.

What is the price for a sawdust baling machine?

To pack different volumes, you may need a small or big horizontal baler of sawdust, which means the prices are not the same. It can be quoted as EX WORK, FOB, or CIF as well. For your specific sawdust baling solutions, welcome to contact SKBALER for more details.

How to operate a sawdust baling press machine?

Basically, after reading through our operational book, you can run the sawdust baler machine very easily. Our sawdust balers are controlled by electrical buttons, which means you can press the start and stop buttons, it will automatically work and stop. Meanwhile, we have sawdust baler machine operational demo video for your reference as well. Welcome to contact us if you need a hydraulic sawdust baling machine now.