Baler of PET Bottles

baler machine of pet bottles

There are lots of plastic bottles in our life, such as PET, HDEP, LDPE bottles. It takes huge spaces in their natural shape. With SKBALER baler machines, we can compact them into high density bales so to save storage and transportation costs.

Vertical baler of plastic bottles

Vertical baler, also known as downstroke or manual baling machine, is designed for start up business. Normally, these companies have limited wastes to compact. The pet bottles will be feed manually, and compacted need to be strapped by labor as well. With a vertical plastic bottles baler, you can have a bale weight from 30kg to 500kg per bundle. The hourly capacity is up to 2 tons.

Horizontal baler of pet bottles

Horizontal baler (also named automatic baler or fully auto baler) is a higher efficiency recycling machinery designed to press large volume of wastes. Talking to the recycling of pet bottles, customers may need to sort and separate from different bottles like pet, hdpe, ldpe etc. You will need a large sized baler machine to press these pet bottles with caps on. Now with the advance pet perforator machine, you can also choose a small to medium sized horizontal auto tie baler or horizontal closed end baler. The perforator machine will punch the bottles so to release the air out. The compaction rate will be better by this way. If you need a horizontal baler for plastic bottles, welcome to contact us now.

Get a full view of the horizontal auto tie baler for plastic bottles in below video