Baler machines for handling unusual wastes

In the recent years, more and more people are attaching great importance to the wastes disposing and recycling. However, there are still some wastes that still don’t get enough attention and let’s explore 3 types of them.

Some of the unusual wastes

1. Textiles and clothes

People usually don’t know that the old scrap textiles or clothes can be recycled into new products or reused. Compare to simply throw these old scrap textile or clothes away, recycling or reusing them is more eco-friendly and more profitable.

2. Steel drums

Steel drums are usually be used to convey some liquid that cannot be contained by the plastic bottles or other container which means the steel drums will often be applied to contain the hazardous contents. And there is a must to recycling all the steel drums for protection of ourselves and the earth.

3. Aluminum and other metal

The aluminum and other metal can be seen almost everywhere in our daily life. But what we don’t know is that these natural resources can be recycled and even need less energy than the initial production. For optimizing the depletion of the natural resources, we need to pay more attention to the aluminum and other metal recycling.

SKBALER’s solution for those unusual wastes

We SKBALER are dedicated to the recycling business and helping protect the relationship between the human and nature. For those unusual wastes, we have specific styles of baler machines to deal with them. The lifting chamber baler is the best tool to do the textile recycling job, it can bale the textiles into dense bales and offer a larger operation space for the tying process. And for steel drums we have the drum crushers to flatten it for easy storage and further recycling procedures. The metal recycling compactors are also offered, it’s hard to press all these various shapes of metal into uniform bales manually. However, a metal recycling compactor can do it effortlessly and have the high efficiency at the same time.