Baler Machine Manufacturers in China

SKBALER has been manufacturing all types baler machine like vertical baler and horizontal baler. The balers normally are multi-application, for example, it can press cardboard, waste paper, pet bottle, plastic, tyre, silage, cotton, garbage, textile, wood shavings, aluminum can, and other common scraps. There are also special baler machines like drum baler, used clothing baler, and rags bagging baler machine which are dedicated for press single materials or few of the items.

Why SKBALER is the first choice of baler machine manufacturer in China?
  1. Raw Materials. We has strict principles for all the raw materials coming into our factory. For example, the steel of machine body structure adopts the top 1 brand Baosteel in China. This make sure our baling machine stands out at the beginning. Furthermore, our dedicated team staff also have strict inspection for the materials.
  2. Hydraulic & Electrical Parts. Most of the components are the Top 3 brand at home and abroad. The brand like Siemens, Mitsubishi, Yuken, CHNT etc. The most important part is the Germany hydraulic technique. This ensures no hydraulic oil leakage. It will be a headache if you’re choosing an inferior baler machine at a cheaper price.
  3. Dedicated Engineers. All our technicians for global installation services are well trained and professional. They will teach your operators very carefully. And only when your workers are ok with the baler machine, they will leave. Most of them can speak English as well.