Baler machine for used clothing

What is a baler machine for used clothing?

Clothing press machine or textile compactor is lifting chamber designed for baling used clothes into common bale weight like 45kg, 60kg, 100kg, and up to 600kg. Our single box clothes balers are widely export to UK, Canada, USA, Europe, Japan etc. It’s vertical structure with electrical button controls, which can be operated with single or double labor. The hour output is 2-4 bales. Any bale size of our vertical clothing baler can be customized.

Who need an used clothing packing machine?

As we know, the second hand clothing are very popular in African countries. Hence, the premium quality used clothing coming from USA, UK, Japan, Canada, Australia, New Zealand etc., are very popular. Recycling companies from these list countries are more likely to buy a clothing baler machine.

What are key features of a clothes baler machine?

First of all, the baling chamber can be lifted so to ensure the wrapping of bales and cross strapping. Due to this function, it also has the name of lifting chamber baler or single box textile baler tec. From beginning to end, we have to make sure the used clothing is packed in a clean way. Other features are like button operations, heavy duty designed, Siemens motor mounted etc.

Which clothes baler you’re recommend to buy?

The baler for baling clothing 45kg to 90kg is the highly suggested. You can check more details as below model VLC7040T30, which adopts single chamber also known as single box clothing baler machine. Contact us to know more details.