Baler machine for tissue paper

tissue paper baling machine

Tissue paper baler is a recycling machine designed to compact napkin, paper handkerchief, sanitary paper, onionskin paper, tissue, wrapping-paper, sheet, paper and gift wrappings. In terms of automation level, it can be divided into two categories: manual baler of tissue paper and automatic baler of tissue paper. For different volumes of tissue papers, we may suggest a vertical or horizontal hydraulic baler to our customers.

Inquiry analysis: automatic baling press machine for tissue paper products

My name is Stamoulis Stergiakis and I am Sales Engineer in Pascal Packaging Systems S.A., Greece.

As a company, we expertise for more than 40 years in providing solutions in paper packaging and for the industrial packaging sector in general.

We communicate with you regarding an inquiry we have from a customer of us, related to an automatic paper press for tissue paper material.

Final product dimensions are: 1000 X 1000 X 1000 mm (Length X Width X Height).

Product’s weight is: 350 kg.

Please be also kind to inform us if there is an option for the final packet to have handles in order to be able to be transmitted easier.

Please be kind to send us your distributor price regarding this equipment, the estimated delivery time as well as more relevant video(s) and brochure for a similar-application equipment.

Recommendation from SKBAELR

They didn’t specify the monthly volumes of the tissue papers to be recycled. Hence, we may suggest a vertical or horizontal baler as per the information of bale weight and bale size. Meanwhile, we need to ask for if any requirement for the hourly capacity. Welcome to contact SKBALER if you have an inquiry for the tissue paper baling machine, thanks.