Baler machine for recycling protective face mask

What is baler machine for recycling protective face mask?

Protective face mask is one of the hygiene products used to prevent the harmful gas, odor goes into people’s mouth or nose. Mask is a critical public health tool to filter the air. You should keep in mind that wearing mask is much better than no mask which can protect yourself and others from virus as well. Nowadays, almost all the people wearing masks each day that means a large number of used protective face mask generated. It will have a serious impact on the environment if you dispose them in an improper way. Hence, a baler machine for recycling protective face mask is quite necessary.

Baling machine for recycling protective face mask in SKBALER

SKBALER specializes in designing and manufacturing the baler machines for decades in China. Our protective face mask baling machine adopts the latest technology and all the components adopts the Chinese top brands. As you know that almost all the used masks are not recyclable that means they will be dumped into the landfills finally. By using a baling machine for recycling protective face mask in SKBALER, you can easily compress them into much smaller size which can greatly decreasing its size for the limited landfill. Moreover, it can save a lot of costs in storage as well as deliver them to the destination.

How to operate protective face mask baler machine?

Our protective face mask baler machine is in one button operation. Firstly, feed the protective face mask into the chamber by labor and a full-light indicator will tell you when the chamber is full. Then, press the start button, the pressing plate will go down to compress the materials into density bale. Lastly, you can move the compacted bales to the places where you needed. If you have any interests in our protective face mask baler machine, please feel free to contact us.