Baler machine for chopped straw

What is baler machine for chopped straw?

Chopped Straw is not only for agricultural applications, but also used for animals bedding such as chickens, goats, sheep, rabbits, guinea pigs, dogs and other small animals. In the past, it was a headache when you need to handle these small and loose materials because the chopped straw is difficult to compress and move. However, we have baler machine for chopped straw nowadays. By using baling press for chopped straw, bulky chopped straw can be compressed into dense and regular shaped bales, so it will greatly increase your work efficiency.

Advantages of press compactor for chopped straw

SKBALER is a leading factory in manufacturing the baling press in China. When you purchasing a press compactor, you must take the price in consideration and high quality as well. SKBALER is a right way to go. Our plant has a reasonable price and our pressing baler doesn’t leave a trail and debris after compressing, which makes the work areas much cleaner. In addition, baler compactor for chopped straw comes with a simple one-button operation. It also has a sensor switch which is easy for you to process. This type of machine combines pressing and bagging in one machine. What you need to do is feeding and put a plastic bag at the bale exit.

Baling compactor for chopped straw for sale

No matter you’re recycling sites or manufacturing plants, a horizontal baler is required. Our baling compactor can help you to press the chopped straw into 5kgs, 10kgs, 25kgs and up to 60kg per bag. For instance, the horizontal automatic bagging baler model HBM-T180, which has a bale size of 430*310*750 (W*H*L) mm and can get bale weight up to 50kg per bale. Furthermore, all our baler machines for chopped straw can be made as per customer requirements. For example, the bale size, machine color, automation levels etc. Welcome to contact us if you are in the business of recycling chopped straw.