Baler for recycling plastic jug

What is baler for recycling plastic jug?

Plastic jug is an ideal storage solution for liquid products manufactured by a variety of industries which is mainly made from HDPE. Plastic jugs are widely used in our daily life because of its safe and convenient features. But how to dispose them when they are out of service? Recycle or reuse them is the best solution and a baler for recycling plastic jug plays an important role in recycling these wastes.

Which model of baling machine for recycling plastic jug do you recommend?

By using a suitable baler machine, you can easily to compress the bulky materials into smaller sized and manageable bale with much lower costs to greatly reduce the wastes volume in your workplace which will bring extra incomes for you. The compacted bales can save a lot of costs in storage and transportation as well. Here, I recommend our closed end type machine, it is a large recycling baling machine that can be continuously fed with materials which uses the latest technology, simple frame and solid structure. The heavy-duty closed end design is for getting more tighter bales. All the features make it is ideal for baling such hollow and lightweight materials.

Plastic jug baler machine for sale

As a leading baler manufacturer in China, our plant has a wide range of plastic jug baler machines for your option. They can be vertical or horizontal type and which type is ideal for you mainly depends on materials, bale size, output, bale weight, labor cost, footprint and the financial budget. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us, sales in SKBALER will discuss with you and give you professional advice.