Bagging baler for forage

What is bagging baler for forage?

As its digestible and high-energy features, forage is used for feeding cow, horse, rabbit, duck, chicken, and so on. It can be pasture, crop residue or immature cereal crop. To produce high quality forage, it is important to preserve them. That means you’d better store and transport them in good condition. How to handle large amount of forage? Our bagging baler for forage produces rectangular bales is the best way to go.

Advantage of bagging baler compactor for forage

There are a variety of advantages of using bagging baler compactor for forage. Firstly, it can increase the utilization value of forage. When baling and packing the forage at the right time and with suitable moisture, it will greatly decrease its nutrition loss. Good quality forge will provide high quality feedings to animals. Our bagging baler compactor for forage has a high-pressure baling system, so it can produce dense bales. As the forage need to be kept in stock with a long time, so high dense is very important. Moreover, this type of baler can press and bag the bales in one machine, which makes the fermentation become faster.

Baling press for forage in SKBALER

SKBALER baling and bagging equipment is ideal for compressing forage bales. It can compact the loose forage into high dense bale and pack the bale immediately when the bale is produced. By using the baling compressor for forage, it will greatly increase your work efficiency which can make profit for you. SKBALER is your best solution in size reduction for forage. So, if you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us, and sales from SKBALER will assist you to find the most suitable forage baling press.