Automatic flax fiber baler

What is automatic flax fiber baler?

Flax fiber is a cellulosic and multi-cellular bast fiber which grown in temperate and subtropical areas. It is quite popular in the textile industries as its natural, soft, lustrous and flexible properties. As you know that almost all fibers are fluffy materials. It is necessary to reduce their size when large numbers of flax fiber collected. And an automatic flax fiber baler in SKBALER is greatly helpful which can compress the bulky flax fibers into dense and regular shaped bales for easy handling.

Automatic flax fiber baling machine in SKBALER

Natural fiber normally has high rebounding force when pressing. So, when you purchasing a flax fiber baling machine, you should pay attention to the rebounding force of the baler. And the automatic flax fiber baling machine from SKBALER is specialized in making dense bales with bulky materials. This series of press machine include two rams, one is for compacting and the other one is for ejecting which is ideal for pressing flax fiber.

Are you manufacturer of automatic flax fiber baler?

Yes, SKBALER has experience in manufacturing the automatic flax fiber baler for decades. Whether you have a large volume or a small volume, we all can meet your demands. The horizontal automatic baler is popular in recycling centers and large businesses who need to recycle large numbers of flax fiber. And a vertical flax fiber baler is ideal if you have a small or medium volume which takes much lesser footprint and has a lower price compared to horizontal press machine. Moreover, we can provide custom-made solution based on your specific requirements. Welcome to contact SKBALER to find your most suitable flax fiber baling press.