Automatic fiber baler machine

What is automatic fiber baler machine?

As its natural property, fiber is widely used in textile industries. Almost all fibers are fluffy, such as plant fiber, coconut fiber, coir fiber, palm fiber, abaca fiber. It is very difficult for you to store and transport these loose fibers. Therefore, it is necessary for the recyclers to choose a suitable fiber baler. And automatic fiber baler machine is ideal for pressing the fluffy materials, which can compress the bulky materials into high dense and neat bales.

Benefit of automatic fiber baling compressor

Natural fiber has high rebounding force when pressing. So, when you purchasing a fiber baler, you should pay attention to the rebounding force of the baling press. You also need to keep in mind that the baler must come with a retainer claw on the inner wall of the chamber. Without this device, you cannot multiply feed. You know that multiple feeding can make bales with considerable weight. Fortunately, our automatic fiber pressing baler meet the above demands. By using this automatic fiber pressing compactor, it can greatly reduce the size, easy for you to store and transport as well.

Automatic fiber compacting baler for sale

SKBALER is an innovative compacting baler manufacturer serving the recycling sites, manufacturing plants, warehouse/distribution facilities, stores, supermarket, etc. And all our baler machines are strictly produced according to CE/ISO standard. Whether you have a large amount or small volume, our plant has vertical baler and horizontal baling press for your choice. To know more about automatic fiber baling press, welcome to contact SKBALER for your recycling solution.