Automatic baling machine in China

What is automatic baling machine?

Automatic baling machine normally refers to horizontal baling machine which comes with a top loading hopper and you can feed the materials with the help of conveyor or forklift. This design makes it can accept large quantities of recyclable materials. Meanwhile, automatic baler machine combines material feeding compressing, tying and bale ejecting automatically in one machine which requires the least manpower compared with the other types of baling presses. This automatic baler is ideal if you are a recycling center or have large volume of recyclable material per day.

Automatic press machine in China

As a leading press machine manufacturer in China, SKBALER provides several automatic baling machines for sale. All the components of our balers adopt the top brand, such as the steel of machine body structure uses brand Bao Steel in China. SKBALER offers traditional single ram automatic compactor which is suitable for baling large numbers of soft materials, such as cardboards, plastic bottle, natural fiber, etc. And dual ram balers which cover much wider applications of waste than the single cylinder version. Both of them are quite popular in recycling centers and large businesses who need to recycle large numbers of versatile materials.

Benefit of automatic baler

SKBALER automatic baler provides a highly efficient solution for big amount of waste materials. It is perfect for recycling sites, manufacturing plants, distribution facilities, etc. This type of baling machine can maximize the output and minimize the labor cost which greatly improve your work efficiency. Meanwhile, automatic baling machine equips with high pressure system which can press your bulky materials into high dense bales. So, if you are looking for an automatic baling machine supplier, please contact SKBALER today. We will assist you and recommend the most suitable baling press for you.