Auto tie paper scrap baler

What is auto tie paper scrap baler?

Auto tie paper scrap baler is a high-volume, multi-purpose recycling machines that produces high-density bales which is best suited for baling high volumes of paper scraps. It can offer significant labor savings compared to manual baler. Auto tie scrap baler also has the function of continuous baling and ejecting features. It can be adapted to air conveying systems, feed conveyors or cart tippers for large volumes feeding.

Auto tie paper wastes baling press in SKABLER

Horizontal auto tie paper scrap baling machine in SKBALER refers to fully automatic paper scrap baler which is the perfect way to fully automate your recycling program. By using a suitable baler machine, it can compress large amount of paper scraps into manageable sized bale as well as saves costs in storage, transportation, and protects the environment. This type of baling press can greatly increase the productivity and are commonly used in a wide range of applications, like recycling centers, printing plants, box manufacturing as well as distribution centers.

Are you a manufacturer of auto tie paper trims baler machine in China?

Yes, SKBALER is a reputable baler manufacturer in China who adopts Chinese famous brand for all the components that promise you to process the machine without any worry. You should keep in mind that purchasing a baler in China will be much cheaper than some developed countries because the labor cost as well as the raw material here is lower. If you are in the business of recycling paper scraps or trims, please feel free to contact SKBALER in China today.