Aluminum scrap tin can baler machine

What is aluminum scrap tin can baler machine?

Baling press machine is an equipment which widely used in aluminum scrap tin can recycling field. We use this baler to compress aluminum scrap tin cans. As you know, aluminum material has a lot of features, such as non-toxic, corrosion resistance, etc., makes it very useful in different industries who use aluminum products. So, recycling the aluminum scrap tin can properly is quite necessary. It not only can help you make money but also prevent our world from getting pollution.

How to choose aluminum scrap tin can press machine?

Our factory SKBALER specializes in manufacturing hydraulic press machine for many years with competitive price. We recommend you our vertical dual ram baler to handle aluminum scrap tin can. It is an aluminum scrap tin can baler machine with PLC control system and touch screen as well. It can press aluminum scraps into a bale size up to 110*70cm. With the powerful pressure, customers can save the cost of storage and transportation. However, if your plant has a large volume, a horizontal waste aluminum baler is your ideal choice.

Aluminum scrap tin can press machine in SKBALER

With many years of experience in manufacturing the baler machines, all our products are CE certified. We can help you to choose which type of aluminum scrap tin can baler machine is best for you. So, if you have any questions about aluminum scrap tin can press machine, please don’t hesitate to contact us.