Aluminum scrap baling press

What is an aluminum scrap baling press?

Aluminum scrap baler is a recycling equipment designed to press industrial aluminum profiles, aluminum extrusions, aluminum alloy profiles etc. It aims to press aluminum scraps into a cube with sizes like 300*300mm, 400*400mm and so on. With the powerful compaction, customers can save the cost of storage and transportation.

Are you manufacturer of aluminum scrap baler machine?

Yes, we’re factory for ferrous and non-ferrous baler machines. Thanks to our dedicated workers and years’ experience, SKBALER can provide the best aluminum scraps press machines in the market.

How to operate an aluminum scrap press machine?

Firstly, press the start button to make the machine working. Secondly, feed the baling chamber with enough aluminum extrusions and profiles. Thirdly, press the auto cycle button to press and eject the bale automatically. You may need to feed the baler chamber at a second or third time if the materials are not enough.

Operating video of aluminum scraps baler machine