Aluminum scrap baler machine in China

What is aluminum scrap baler machine?

The properties of low density, non-toxic, excellent electrical conductivity, and corrosion resistance makes the aluminum has many applications. As a result, a large number of aluminum scraps generated which occupy a lot of space. Hence, an aluminum scrap baler machine is quite important. By using a suitable aluminum scrap baler, you can compress the bulky aluminum scrap into dense and regular shaped bales as well as reduce the costs in delivering and storing.

Aluminum scrap baling machine in China

SKBALER is a leading factory in manufacturing the aluminum balers in China which has proven in excellent quality and professional service. Dual ram aluminum scrap baler in SKABLER is a recycling equipment which can greatly reduce the scrap volume with the compression ratio reach more than 5:1. The dual ram design is ideal to press industrial aluminum profiles, aluminum extrusions, aluminum alloy profiles etc. The normal bale sizes are 400*400mm, 500*500mm, and 600*600mm.

Aluminum scrap compactor in SKBALER

SKBALER specializes in analyzing the aluminum scrap baling press for decades. We have vertical and horizontal aluminum scrap baling machine in our product line. The vertical aluminum scraps baler produces bale weight of 15-30kg with bale size of 400*400*100-300mm which is ideal for small to medium factories while fully automatically horizontal model is suitable for large volumes which can get the bale size of 500*500*500mm with block weight 30-50kg. If you want to purchase a suitable aluminum scrap bale baling machine, please contact SKBALER now, our sales will do the right recommendation to you.