Aluminum foil scrap bailer press

What is aluminum foil scrap bailer press?

Aluminum foil scrap is the common aluminum waste. Most of individuals are not sure of the composition, which leads they may dispose of them in your workplace trash can. Actually, it has durable and sustainable properties, most of the aluminum foil scrap are recyclable. So, an aluminum foil scrap bailer press is quite important and necessary. The aluminum foil scrap baling press machine our factory SKABLER offered is specially designed to compact aluminum foil scrap into high density cube. By compressing, these pressed bales are very easy for you to store and transport.

Which model do you recommend?

SKBALER is a leading factory in China in manufacturing the aluminum foil scrap balers. Here I recommend model H5050T60 which adopts standard bale size of 500*500*500mm with block weight 30-50kg. It is a fully automatic horizontal baler for large volume of aluminum foil trims. Hourly capacity can reach 1000kg. The accessories of this hydraulic baling system also include scrap suction blower and pipe lines etc. It’s ideal for you to compress the aluminum foil scrap. However, if you are a small or medium factory, the vertical aluminum scraps baler V4040T30 is great for you. This type of baler can produce bale weight of 15-30kg with bale size of 400*400*100-300mm. The bale is fully automatically pressed and ejected. Compared to horizontal baling machine, it is much cheaper, and takes smaller footprint as well.

Why do you need aluminum foil scrap baling machine?

Recycle the waste aluminum foil instead of throw them away. It can make our city more beautiful, and the most important is that it can help you make money. So, let’s start to recycle the aluminum foil scrap which can make us have a better future. Furthermore, our plant also provides custom-made solution according to your specific requirement. Hence, contact SKBALER today to find your most suitable press machine for aluminum foil scrap.