Alfalfa baler machine

What is alfalfa baler machine?

As its richness of protein, alfalfa is widely grown in many countries in the world, such as the USA, Canada, Romania, etc. The majority use of alfalfa is for feeding cattle, horse and other pets. But how to keep the best quality of alfalfa? Alfalfa baler machine is the right solution. By compressing, the loose alfalfa will be compacted into dense bales, and it will not affect its quality but increase the ease of transportation and storage.

Alfalfa pressing baler in SKBALER

Like most industrial equipment, baling press is manufactured by professional supplier. Actually, some of the best producers are in China. Here, SKBALER is a leading factory in producing the alfalfa pressing baler for decades in China. As you know, alfalfa is quite fluffy. Before delivering, you had to bale them firstly. The semi-automatic version is ideal for you, which can be equipped with a belt conveyor for auto feeding. The bale weight is various and up to 60kg per bale. If you have a small or medium volume, the horizontal packing machine model HBM-K5 is good for you.

Advantage of alfalfa pressing baler

Alfalfa pressing baler normally refers to bagging type press machine. This kind of baler combines both baling and bagging in one machine. Hence, it is easy for you to achieve compacted bale and bagging purpose at the same time. You only need to feed the materials and bag the compressed bale at the bale exit. Moreover, all our alfalfa baler machines can be made as per customer requirements. For example, the bale size, machine color, automation levels etc. Welcome to contact SKBALER for your alfalfa pressing solution.