Aerosol spray waste baler

What is aerosol spray waste baler?

Aerosol spray is an extremely small solid particles or very small liquid droplets suspended in the atmosphere which include a can that contains a payload and a propellant under pressure. As many aerosol sprays contain highly toxic chemicals like xylene and formaldehyde. These toxic ingredients also include neurotoxins and carcinogens that are extremely hazardous for our health. So, how to deal with the aerosol spray wastes when large number of aerosol sprays used up? A baler can help you which plays an important role in handling so many aerosol spray wastes.

Benefit of aerosol spray waste baling machine

Aerosol spray is a common product in our daily life. Even though they are tiny particles and liquid droplets, they have big impacts on our climate and our health. The aerosol spray cans are hollow and occupy too many spaces area which is not easy to handle, with the help of a suitable aerosol spray waste baling machine, The volume of aerosol spray wastes can be reduced a lot because of its high compression ratio, and help you to save valuable storage space and costs in transportation as well. Moreover, our environment will be better in the future.

Which model of aerosol spray waste baler do you recommend?

SKABLER is a Chinese brand baling machine manufacturer and there are more than 100 models of balers for you option in our plant. I recommend you the horizontal closed-end baler for aerosol spray waste can because the aerosol spray cans are hollow materials and our closed-end baling machine is ideal for the recycling center who has medium to large volumes to choose as this type of baler comes with full compaction especially ideal for pressing light-weight wastes and can make the bales with higher density level for easy handling. If you have any questions about our baling machine, please feel free to contact us, sales will discuss with you and recommend the most suitable baler for you.