Advices on safely operating the baler machines

No matter what kind of job or working you are doing, the safety is always coming the first place to be stressed over times and be considered. The work safety is a vital thing among all, we must attach great importance to it to prevent ourself away from danger while we are working. The recyclable materials baling job is gradually replaced by the baler machines, and obviously the safety is improved at some aspects. But we still need to ring the alarm and also pay attention to the operations of the baler machines to stop the accidents from happening.

Tips on keeping safety

1. Don’t turn off or move any safety guards of the baling machine while the machine is working on. The lost of any safety guards of the balers will make the operators in a danger situation.

2. Make sure all the workers and operators are professionally trained and have a great experience on controlling the compactor machines.

3. Don’t take off the safety interlock on the balers, it is very prominent to not touch the safety interlock switches while the machines are working. The ram will go down only when the doors are closed, this will protect the workers away from danger.

4. Turn off the power when you not use the machines, this is the basic thing you need to remember no matter what kind of electric machines you are using. Please disconnect the power of baler machines immediately after using, especially when you want to clean the chamber of the balers or in maintenance procedures.

5. Before you using the baler machines, remember to take a test to check whether all the safety functions are running properly. If something is wrong, repair it instantly. Strictly follow the steps of the instructions to operations and don’t move any warning mark on the baler machines.