ABC baling press machine

What is ABC baling press machine?

ABC refers to aluminum beverage can which is ideal for holding carbonated beverages. And we generated large numbers of waste aluminum beverage cans every day. Dispose them in a right way is quite important or it will pollute the environment. As you know that empty cans are hollow and lightweight which require too many spaces and difficult to deliver. An ABC baling press machine is helpful which can compact the bulky Alu. cans into dense bales for easy handling and save a lot of costs in storage and transportation as well as improve work efficiency.

Aluminum beverage can balers in SKBALER

SKBALER is one of the leading baling machine factories in China. Our baler machine knowledge and experience allow us to offer the best solution for your recycling requirement. A vertical ABC baler is recommended if the quantity is not big which combines compacting and draining in one machine, and it requires small footprint and low financial budget as well. However, if you have large volumes, a semi-automatic baling machine is suitable and this is one of the most popular balers in the market. This type of machine is ideal for pressing hollow wastes in three directions with three ram which makes the bales with higher density level.

How to operate ABC baling machine?

As you know aluminum is a valuable material which can be used in many industries and recycling aluminum beverage cans really save resources and make profit for you. Our ABC baling machine is quite simple to operate. You just need to feed the waste cans into chamber, then press the start button, the machine will process itself, making the hollow Alu. cans in smaller size and shape. If you want to know more about ABC baling machine, welcome to contact SKBALER.