55kg clothing baler

Customer cases: I am starting a small scale business baling used clothes into anything from 45 to 55 kg bales. I’m based in Reading, England and will be selling to Africa.

What are common bale weights of used clothing?

For easy movements, one bale or bundle normally has a bale weight like 40kg, 45kg, 50kg, and 55kg. Our lifting chamber baler, which also known as textile baler or clothing baling machine, can generate a bale weight ranges from 45kg to 90kg. It is one of the most popular models. For this customer, we will recommend our second clothes baler model VLC7040T30. We also have other bale weights like 150-250kg, 300-550kg.

What are key features of a clothes baler machine?

First of all, the baling chamber can be lifted so to ensure the wrapping of bales and cross strapping. Due to this function, it also has the name of lifting chamber baler or single box textile baler tec. From beginning to end, we have to make sure the used clothing is packed in a clean way. Other features are like button operations, heavy duty designed, Siemens motor mounted etc.

Working video of used clothing baler machine manufactured by SKBALER China