55-gallon drum crusher

What is a 55-gallon drum crusher?

To compact 55-gallon steel drums or barrels, we will need a 55-gallon drum crusher. It helps us to reduce the sizes of big drums, which takes a huge space. Choose our hydraulic drum baler model VDC-T40 to get this job done perfectly.

How to operate a 55-gallon drum compactor?

Our 55-gallon drum compactor adopts a manual and auto mode. In the auto mode, you only need to press the start button, then the whole process is fully automatic, which means the press ram will automatically press down and upward. There is also a liquid tray for containing the oil. After a while, you may need to release out the oil. In the practical operations, our customers normally will leave the oil drums for a while to keep them dry.

Benefits of 55-gallon barrel compactor machine

There are lots of companies need a 55-gallon drum crushing machine. For instance, the roading and signage companies which are generating numerous barrels and drums every day. The easiest and profitable ways is to compact them into a very low height items, and sell them to save the transportation cost. If you are looking for oil drums crushing solution, welcome to contact SKBALER China at any time.

Below working video of our 55 gallon drum compacting machine.

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