500kg Baler Machine for PET & HDPE Bottles

500kg Baler Machine for PET & HDPE Bottles

PET bottles are clear, while HDPE Bottles are opaque. PET is made to contain water, soft drinks, and food products. HDPE is made to contain shampoo, motor oil, and laundry detergent etc. All these bottles can be recycled by baler machine.

Different baler machines for pet and hdpe bottles

Horizontal Closed End Baler – this is the mostly suggested model to press plastic bottles in terms of productivity and bale shape. Due to it’s design of output door, the compaction density is much higher than the horizontal open end balers if they’re in same hydraulic power. It can achieve 500kg bale weight or even higher bale weight with hourly capacity around 4 bales.

Horizontal Auto Tie Baler – this type mostly is equipped with bottles perforator to ensure the good compaction. The largest model like HAT110125T150 has three cylinders at the output so to have a powerful compress. It has a higher productivity than horizontal closed end baler.

Vertical baler machine – it is manual operated so the feeding and tying all done by labors. It can also reach 500kg bale weight with vertical dual ram baler. The hourly capacity is around 2-4 depends one labor efficiency, bale size, and bale weight. Vertical pet bottles baler machines are suitable for small volumes of various companies.