5 Factors to Learn Auto Tie Baler

5 factors to learn auto tie baler
1. Definitions of horizontal auto tie baler

Horizontal auto tie baler is a piece of fully automatic recycling machine designed to achieve the highest volume of waste materials. Hence, it also widely known as full auto horizontal baler, automatic compactor machine etc. Thanks to the advanced system of auto tie, labors no longer required to tie up the finished bales.

2. Applications of fully automatic baler

Full auto balers can recycle up to 15 tons per hour with a wide applications like cardboard, occ, paper, film, plastic bottles, aluminum cans, textile, light metals, and other non-ferrous. If you don’t know which model of our baler machines suit you, welcome to contact SKBALER now.

3. Benefits of full auto horizontal baling machine

As we all know, the horizontal baler is designed to process large volume of recyclables. Hence, auto tie is to increase the volume to a higher standard. Normally, the standard horizontal baler is semi-automatic, which the compacted bale should be tied up employees. This series also called horizontal closed end baler. Due to the increasing cost of labors, the horizontal fully automatic baler is designed and manufactured to suit this application.

4. Features of horizontal automatic press machine

The horizontal auto tie pressing machine has a fully automatic process of compressing, wire threading, wire tying, wire cutting, and bale ejecting. The automatic feeding also can be available by our pit conveyor. Furthermore, the touch screen controls enable an easy operation. Standard features include adjustable bale length, CE ISO certificates, reinforced steel structures, advanced motors and hydraulics etc.

5. Customizations available for full auto baler machine

Generally, customers can do any machine color and voltages under 3 phases because it’s industrial equipment. Optional customizations are like bale size, lifting wastes bin, extra cylinders for jam, press and eject etc. SKBALER offer a wide ranges of horizontal auto tie balers from small to big volumes, so welcome to send a free inquiry.

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