2kg press to pack straw/ hay

Information of straw/ hay

Straw/ hay is a good food source for rabbit, cow and other animals. As you know, these materials occupy too much spaces. Hence, for pet food plant, using a press machine to produce packed hay or straw in a certain weight is very important. Compressing machine is the ideal solution for those bulky hays. It is very popular in the farm after harvesting. After baling, it can minimize the storage space, and easy for you to handle.

Features of 2kg press machine to pack straw/ hay

This type of compressing machine is widely used in the market. It can achieve compressing and bagging in one machine. What you need to do is feeding the materials. Our hydraulic bagging press machine can pack the bale into a fixed weight like 1kg, 2kg, 5kg and up to 25kg. Taking the horizontal packing machine model HBM-K2 for example, it adopts bale size 300*100*400mm and can get bale weight of 2kg. However, if you have a large volume, the horizontal automatic bagging baler is great for you.

Are you a manufacturer of small horizontal bagging baler for straw/ hay?

Yes, our factory SKBALER has many experiences in manufacturing the balers with competitive price. Whether you just have a few volumes or a large amount, we all can meet your demands. Our plant also provides custom-made solution according to your specific requirement. Hence, contact SKBALER today to find your most suitable press machine for hay and straw.