2kg hay baler

What is 2kg hay baler?

2kg hay baler is a machine that can make 2kg bags of hay, which is a food source for rabbits, small hamsters and so on. High-quality hay has more nutrition, and hay is a kind of fluffy material which makes you difficult to handle. Hence, 2kg hay baler is the right solution which can compress hay into much smaller size for easy handling and save transportation costs as well as storage space. It also can be packed into a bag which can protect them from bad climate with the help of this type of baler machine.

2kg hay baler in SKBALER

2kg hay baler in SKBALER refers to scale weighing bagging machine. SKBALER specializes in manufacturing this type of baler for decades. 2kg hay baler equips with an in-built scale which makes the hay weight and hay size are fixed every time. Moreover, it can achieve compressing and bagging in one machine which can greatly improve your work efficiency. And the bagging design is perfect to protect the compacted hay from rain, snowfalls and other climate.

Information of our 2kg hay baling machine

All the components of our 2kg hay baling machine are with top brands and it comes with good hydraulic and electrical system as well. This series include two rams, one will make the press plate go ahead, and side push plate will eject the bale while you can pack the compacted bale at the same time. 2kg hay baler machine also equips with wheels which makes it’s very easy to move to the other working place. If you have any questions about our scale weighing hay baler machine, please feel free to contact us.