200kg cardboard baler

What is 200kg cardboard baler?

Cardboard baler is the compressing machine to make bales for all kinds of cardboard. It is also popular as cardboard press machine. Plants will generate numbers of waste cardboard every day. If you handle these cardboards in a right way, it will make profit for you, otherwise, the waste cardboard will affect the appearance of our city. Hence, a cardboard baling machine is designed for recycling these waste materials.

Features of 200kg cardboard baling machine

Here I recommend you the vertical 200kg cardboard baler, this type of machine is the most popular in the market. It’s perfect for pressing all common wastes like cardboard, paper, plastics, film, garbage, scraps etc. Meanwhile, it has a small footprint which can be installed in limited space. This is an electric baler, it’s quite easy to operate, only one person is enough. This model is a vertical scrap baling machine with single ram. It can get bale weight for cardboard up to 260 kgs with a compress force up to 40 tons, the bale size is 1100*700mms.

Vertical cardboard scrap baling machine in SKBALER

SKBALER is a professional baler supplier, our vertical scrap baling machine is especially suitable for compressing cardboard. It can compress the loose materials into high dense bales, makes them easy to handle. Of course, if you have a large volume, our factory has other horizontal baling machines for your option. For further information, please feel free to contact our company SKBALER.