2 chambers baler machine

2 chambers baler machine
What is a two chambers baler machine?

In the terms of baling chambers, if it’s manufactured with 2-chambers we call it two chambers baler machine. It also known as multi-chamber or double chamber or twin chamber baling machine. Customers are using it to press different materials in one machine.

How much capacity the multi-chamber baling machine can achieve?

It’s designed for small volumes like 4-6 bales per hour. The average bale weight is 40-70kg per bundle and bale size is 700x500x250-650 (L*W*H) mm. The twin chamber compactor can press paper, cardboard, foil, plastic, textile etc. The 8T pressing force with small footprint is deal for those who has small and various recyclables.

Do you offer customization for this twin chamber compactor?

Yes, all our baler machines can be made as per customer requirements. For example, the bale size, machine color, automation levels etc. Welcome to contact us if you need a vertical two chambers baling machine.