15kgs bagging baler machine

What is 15kgs bagging baler machine?

15kgs bagging baler machine also popular as scale weighing bagging baler which is widely used for the business of recycling textile, used clothing, rags, wipers, etc. The in-built scale design allows the operator to monitor bale weight to keep high level of precision. This type of baler machine can produce density bagged bales for small and loose materials.

Benefit of 15kgs bagging baling machine

SKBALER is a reputable baler manufacturer who has various bagging baler for your option. The 15kgs bagging baling machine in SKBALER refers to model HBM-K15 which can get bale at 15kg with hourly output around 60 pcs. It has strong structure which makes them reliable, stable and durable in the baling process so to running smoothly. This type of bagging baler combines materials feeding, baling, ejecting in one machine that makes your work very convenient and saving manpower cost as well. Moreover, the bagging design allows you to pack bales in plastic or woven bags which can protect the compacted bales from getting damped or stained.

How to operate scale weighing bagging baler?

Scale weighing bagging baler in SKBALER includes two rams, which one will make the press plate go ahead while the side push plate will eject the bale. Furthermore, the machine is in one button operation that means it only requires one person for the whole processing. By compressing, the materials are much smaller, denser, and stackable which greatly improves the efficiency of delivering the materials as well as brings large economic benefits. If you want to know more about our bagging baler machine, welcome to contact us today.