1000 pounds clothes baler

What is 1000 pounds clothes baler?

Used clothes really take you too much space. To sell them or give them to friends, these are all good solutions. However, recycling them will be the best way. The second-hand clothes trading is quite popular in the worldwide, especially in some European countries, such as France, Italy, Germany, Russia, Spain, etc. The recycling companies collect the used clothes, then sort them and divide these used clothes into different grades for different uses. As you know, the clothes are loose material. Hence, a clothes baler is quite necessary. It can help you to compact the bulky used clothing into neat and tidy bales.

Which model do you recommend?

To ensure ease of transportation, a clothing baler compactor is very important. Here I recommend model VLC1280T80. This model is the most popular second-hand clothing machine in the market. This type of baling press adopts standard bale size of 1200x800x400-900mm with bale weight up to 1000 pounds. Moreover, the lifting chamber design makes the bale can be wrapped up on all sides and do cross trapping to make them tighter, which can protect the bales from getting damp and stain. In addition, the clothing press baler equipped with electric button control, which makes it quite easy to operate. Ideal for you to compress the loose materials.

Benefit of second-hand press baler

SKBALER has several types of second-hand press baler in our product line, from small volume to large amount. By using textile baler compactor, the second-hand clothing has a new value. People who have the used clothes will not throw them away, but selling to a professional recycling factory. Both of them can make profit from it. So, contact SKBALER today, we will recommend the most suitable clothes baling machine for you.